Get In Shape, Feel Great & Gain Confidence again with the Thrive in Menopause  Coaching Programme.

Thrive in midlife with a coaching programme specifically designed for woman your age. Ideal exercise and nutrition  within a highly supportive community- for just £99p/m (no contracts, cancel anytime...)

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Lose Weight, Feel Great & Gain Confidence with the Thrive in Menopause Coaching Programme

Thrive in midlife with a coaching programme designed for woman your age. Ideal nutrition and exercise within a highly motivating communtiy offering 24/7 support and accountability                                                                                                                        


Elaine Edgar   |Age 39

Elaine Edgar  | Age 39


"Working with Kirsty has changed my life, I cannot recommend her coaching highly enough, I've gained confidence and recognised my own self worth, Kirsty provides amazing support throughout this programme "

Why our habits based 'Thrive in Menopause
Coaching' gets long term sustainable results for midlife women...

IT'S TRUE: those who get in shape, stay in shape, feel amazing and ooze confidence don't diet.

Sorry ladies, but it's true.

FAD diets are nothing more than the diet industries' attempt to make money from you. They are praying that you are desparate for a quick fix, offering 14lbs off in two weeks or six packs in 6 week. These diets don't work in the menopausal body, in fact they don't work, full stop!

You may lose weight which ultimately goes back on. Gaining more fat with every single dieting cycle and potentially losing muscle too.

This is even more significant in the menopausal years. The strategies you used to lose weight in your younger years just don't work anymore. Your body is changing and it's time to take back control. We need to preserve and lay down new muscle and give our bodies what they need at this stage in our lives.

So what are my clients doing that DO get in shape and stay in shape in their 40s and beyond, that yo-yo dieters do not...? It's simple:

1) they take a lifestyle approach which takes into account where they are now, the changes happening in their bodies and build habits that last a lifetime

2) they have nothing within their plans that they couldn't see themselves doing (or want to do) long term...

3) accountability - both from a coach and a community of people on the same journey - to keep them smashing goals as they adopt new habits...

4) and FINALLY... feedback at every step.

A 'one size fits all' plan does not work!

What works is a plan :

-that meets you where you are

-that looks after you as a whole woman 

-that is holistic in it's approach 

-that gives you the tools to thrive through menopause 

-that is delivered by a coach who is not only trained in menopause but who is going through it too 

Andrea Skene  | Age 47



 Andrea Skene |Age 47

"Working with Kirsty has been truly transformational. It is the best thing I have done this year. I always thought that I couldn't make change to my life."

"However with the right support, I have incorporated the right nutrition and strength training into my daily life" 

"Money couldn't buy what I have gained from this coaching"

Caroline Mann  | Age 48



Caroline Mann | Age 48

"I've gone from strength to strength, physically and mentally stronger. I'm more toned, defined and looking better than I done in my 20s and 30s. 

With Kirsty's expertise, inspiration, guidance and support I believe you can achieve anything."

KIm Cameron  | Age 65



Kim Cameron   Age 65

"I absolutely love Kirsty's approach"

"I've lost 20 pounds in the past 9 weeks and I don't feel like I've made dramatic changes. Her coaching is centred around changing habits, is doable and every step is celebrated. I am learning to trust myself around food again"

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Here's What Your Next 30 Days Looks Like Inside Our  Coaching Programme...

  • You'll start a progressive strength training programme.  Follow along pre-recorded sessions which can be carried out a time that suits you at home or in the gym. Personalised gym workouts in addition if that's where you want to train!
  • You'll have live weekly group coaching calls. You will gain a wealth of insights being coached live aswell as hearing others on the same journey being coached too.
  • ​You'll have 1x personalised check-in per month. We'll send you a 10-minute questionnaire that will allow us to tweak your plans if required
  • You'll get access to our Client Support Group with a ton of women on the same journey as you. Nothing builds real change quite like becoming part of a supportive community of woman who are sharing the same experiences and have the same goals
  • ​You'll get unlimited full access to our "Thrive in Menopause" Portal. An online course deigned specifically on learning to thrive through menopause 

Pamela Gray  |Age 41 

Pamela Gray | Age 41

" With Kirsty everything just clicked. I had yo-yo dieted my whole life and never got the results I was looking for. I'm 10 weeks in and I've lost 21 pounds. The online community is so positive and encouraging too"

Christine Reilly  |Age 42

Christine Reilly | Age 41

"Working with Kirsty has had a big impact on my health and wellbeing. My primary focus was losing weight, in which I have been successful- all 5 stone of it and I'm stronger , confident and feeling better than ever"

Iris Docherty Age 41

Iris Docherty |Age 61

"Before working with Kirsty I had never been into fitness. My weight has went down then back up again, trying every fad diet out there. I've lost two stone working with Kirsty. Since strength training, I have had no back pain that I had suffered with for years and I really feel the benefits of good nutrition. My confidence has soared."

That all sounds great :

"But, there's more..."

If you landed here, you were given special access to additional free bonuses you wouldn't see on my website or anywhere else - I mean that, go check...

  • BONUS #1: 50% OFF for up to a year! Not only is this an amazing coaching opportunity to a healthier and happier you - but you'll get 50% off for up to 12 months to make it even easier to get started... 
  • ​BONUS #2: Free access to my next live ticketed event
  • ​BONUS #3: 1-2-1 Kick Off Call With Me (Your New Coach!) Personally! We'll get things off to an even better start by making sure everything's 100% optimised and crystal clear for you before getting started.

Join Now And Get 50% OFF Your First Month, No Contracts, Cancel Anytime AND a 1-2-1 Kick-Off Call With Me...

Nicola Carswell | Age 41

 Nicola Carswell| Age 43

" I have yo-yo dieted all my life, losing stones and putting them all back on again. Working with Kirsty I started to make small sustainable changes that lead to big results- 6 stone of weight off! I still enjoy my night's out and my wine."

Jackie Guthrie | Age 61

Jackie Guthrie  | Age 61

" I've been working with Kirsty for 8 weeks now and I'm 14 pounds down. 
She has given me the confidence to believe in the power of me"

Kirstie Stenhouse  | Age 47

Kirstie Stenhouse  Age 47

"Kirsty's coaching approach is something you will not have encountered before. Her focus on self care and empowerment along with her extensive knowledge of the the needs of the (peri) menopausal body are so refreshing and effective. 
Kirsty met me exactly where as I was at with no guilt trips, no rules and lots of celebration, I feel like I'm getting my body back"

One last thought.

If you've ever yo-yo dieted.

If you've ever wanted to lose weight (and keep it off this time)

If you want to learn how to make this the most empowering part of your life so far

If you are uncomfortable in and out of clothes

If you've ever wanted more energy.

If you've ever wanted to be able to prioritise yourself, your health and your happiness.

If you've ever wished to feel truly confident on holiday or anywhere the clothing gets lighter

If you want a coach that understands and is trained in the menopause

And if today you reached the end of this abnormally long page and still haven't decided to invested just £49.99 (50% OFF + Bonuses) in your body, mindset and confidence, then I ask you...

What will you invest in instead, if not yourself?

You see, our clients tell us that this is the best investment they have ever made in themselves.

It's not just how they look - it's how they feel, the confidence, the control over their bodies, their whole new perspective on this stage of their lives

You can see it in their results, their smiles and their words throughout this page.

So if you're on the fence and you're once again not putting yourself first I ask you...

What will be prioritised ahead of your goals today?

Take Control. Let's Make it Happen. 50% OFF the standard price...

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